Friday, January 31, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me?

I took this shot with my dad's 3 brothers, and other various family members.
It was sufficiently awkward.

Hey those of you who might still check out this page sometimes!

Sorry I've disappeared recently.  A little over a week ago it was my 21st birthday, and somehow there has been a non-stop party since then.  Between doing this social-thing* and trying to keep up with schoolwork, I haven't been doing much blogging, regrettably.  But I will be back soon!

(* "this social-thing" is my New Year's Thought (not resolution) to go out of my way to strength my friendships and go out of my comfort zone. #introvertproblems)

And maybe with a new category, about enjoying Disney as a 20-something at HOME!
Like with pictures of homemade cocktails that are Disney themed (since I got a shaker for my birthday), cupcakes that are Disney themed (because I am really good at making cupcakes), a give away or two (on my baby college budget and everything!) and other things.

Who knows?

If you want to comment and tell me other things YOU would like to see, I would be delighted to hear it!

Until the next time, here is an ECard I found extremely relevant.

With Love <3

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