Sunday, February 16, 2014

Counting Down to Disney

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As of today, it's 22 days until my Disney vacation!  I am getting so anxious to be there, especially with the northeast U.S. covered in a thick sheet of fluffy white nonsense (snow).

I really can't wait.  So I've come up with (and found online) a few ways to countdown to your vacation!

1. Written Countdown

This one is pretty obvious.  Get a whiteboard or chalkboard, change the number of days until your vacation each morning!

2. Paper Rings

Sorry for the mirror selfie.  But in my dorm, I have (currently 22) paper rings hanging on my closet.  Each day I rip off a paper ring, and the chain gets shorter and shorter, as my vacation gets closer and closer!

I found this idea on Pinterest (and HERE is an even cuter example I just found), and though it's created for little kids, I actually really enjoy it.  And it's super inexpensive.

3. Countdown Letters
For Valentines Day, I gave Boyfriend 24 envelopes, each with a number of days until we leave for Disney on them.  I put a notecard with a reason that I love him on each (since, you know, it was Valentines Day), so it can help him get excited for our trip and bring a smile to his face everyday!

You could definitely be creative with what you put in each envelope, or even make boxes with candy, trading pins, rare facts about the parks, and so on.  It's something you can definitely personalize for the person you make it for!

4. Computer Backgrounds

I edited pictures from Boyfriend and my Disney World trip last year, each with a number of days until arrival at Disney.  This could also be done with basic picture of the park (which I might make myself and upload for others to use).  It takes a little bit of work, as well as time to change it everyday, but I love opening my computer to a different picture and decreased number of days!

Obviously these many, many more ideas for countdowns, so if you have ever done something different or have an idea of a cute countdown, comment and let me know!  Or send me pictures of your countdown envelopes or chains!

Happy Planning!

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