Monday, March 3, 2014

The Aurora in the Clouds Cocktail

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So, to be honest, after the Olaf's In Summer Cocktail, I was desperate to find something to do with all the extra blueberries I had left.  I don't like blueberries all that much.

I was looking up drink recipes for inspiration, and noticed that if the blueberries were smashed into the drink, it turned pink, but the blueberries themselves were blue.

And immediately I thought of Aurora dancing with Phillip in the clouds at the end of Sleeping Beauty, the fairies changing her dress color from pink to blue and back again.

So, I came up with this drink!

You will need the following ingredients, as pictured above:

  • 1 1/2 ounces (1 shot) Vanilla Vodka
  • Frozen Blueberries, in the drink and as garnish
  • About 1/2 cup Pink Lemonade
  • A few dollops of Cool Whip
  • Lemon peel, for garnish
First thing you have to do is make blueberry ice cubes.  Take an ice cube tray (I conveniently have a mini-tray, which is perfect sized, but any tray will work for this.  Push as many blueberries as possible into 3 (normal sized) or 6 (mini sized) cube spots.  Cover with water to hold the blueberries together, and freeze.  This was my final product:

Then, add 5-10 blueberries to the shaker, and muddler them to release their color and flavor.  Be careful not to add too many, or it will make the pink color of the drink too dark for the contrasting blue and pink effect.  Add the vanilla vodka and pink lemonade to the shaker, with some ice.  Shake and add to the glass.  Drop the blueberry ice cubes into the drink.  Then, add dollops of Cool Whip (as round and cloud like as possible) directly onto the liquid.

Also, I added a "fairy wand" garnish to the rim of the glass.  I cut a little bit of a lemon peel into the shape of a star, and added that and a blueberry to the end of a dessert skewer (though a toothpick would work as well).

One thing that I wanted to note was that if you let the ice cubes melt, the drink gradually becomes more blue, which adds to the whimsy of the fairies changing the dress color concept.  It would look really cute throughout at party if you made it in a big punch bowl!  (Sorry, I should have taken a picture as this happened to my drink!)

And there you have it!  The "Aurora in the Clouds" Cocktail, with blue-dress blueberry ice cubes and pink-dress pink lemonade, with cool whip clouds on top!  Fun and sweet, a great drink for a graceful princess.

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What movie would you like the next cocktail to be based on?  Let me know in the comments!

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