Sunday, April 6, 2014

Magic Band and Fastpass+ Updates

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This past week (4-6-14) there have been a lot of changes announced for Magic Bands and Fastpass+. The information is spread out all over the place, but hopefully I can compiled a pretty comprehensive list here.

1. Magic Bands are no longer limited to guests staying on Disney property.  Everyone, including annual pass holders, one day guests, and those staying off property can get a Magic band.  With some stipulations, of course.

  • One day visitors and off-site visitors: From what the post from the Disney parks blog says, it seems like 1 day visitors will have to purchase Magic Bands if they want to use them, for $12.99.  I'm not sure if that's totally the case, or if you can just pay to get a color other than the standard grey.  Also, if you buy tickets ahead of time, you can reserve Fastpass+ reservations up to 30 days in advance.  This may change, so keep an eye on the blog and other Disney resources for more and newer information.
  • Annual pass holders: Annual pass holders are currently receiving a magic band to use for their trips to Disney.  They can make Fastpass+ reservations for 7 days (consecutive or not) within a 30-day window.  At this time, they are limited to 3 Fastpass+ options per day, as well as only 1 park.

2. Soon, guests may be able to add more than 3 Fastpass+ reservations.  It hasn't been enacted yet, but the Disney parks blog mentioned that they are working on a service that allows guests to add more Fastpass+ reservations after they use their initial 3, if there are Fastpass+ experiences still open.  For planning purposes, this would cause you to concentrate your Fastpass+ reservations toward the morning, so that when you're finished you could attempt to add more.  Again, this hasn't started yet, but the update seems to be on the horizon.  As well as:

3. Disney is adding the ability to reserve Fastpass+ in more than one park per day.  The details about this are also not yet released, but they are trying to factor in Park Hopping and making Fastpass+ more conducive to doing so. 
  • They may make it so that you can only add additional Fastpass+ options once you've used your first 3 in the first park, not that you will be able to book them in advance.
  • On the other hand, you might simply be able to book them in advance in both parks.
  • This will definitely effect the tier systems they have in Epcot and Hollywood Studios.  I don't know if you will be able to book two Fastpass+ options in tier one, or if they will get rid of that system entirely.

Keep checking back here of the Disney parks blog for more information if you plan on staying off-site or if you are only going for 1-day.  Until then, keep using the kiosks to book Fastpass+ when you arrive!

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