Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Quick Service Picks at Animal Kingdom

There are only a handful of quick service restaurants (Disney's version of "fast food") in Animal Kingdom, but what they lack in number they make up for in theming!  During lunch especially, these restaurants can get really busy, and when hunger strikes it can be hard to choose exactly where you want to eat.  Having some knowledge about these quick service restaurants before going to the park can help you pick the best quick service place for you to eat!

However, even if you don't pre-plan where to go, you can't go wrong with Disney food!

Planner vs. Impulsive
Though the planner and the impulsive individual might be happy with any choice, it's nice to have a clue what might be best suited for you before going to the parks, especially with only 5 quick service venues to choose from!

  • Location: Discovery Island
  • Menu: Lunch/Dinner
  • Why: Quick service or not, Flame Tree Barbecue is some of the most delicious food at Disney. It's well suited for the planner due to the often long lines extending before and after lunch and dinner.
  • My pulled pork and baked beans!
    • The variety of sauces makes every option delicious (I loved the pulled pork), and I've heard that the onion rings are great.
    • The decor here is wonderful and colorful.  Sit underneath the pavilion by the water for some great views of the tree of life.
    • There is plenty of wildlife just walking around.  Be sure not to feed them, but enjoy their presence!  They are pretty entertaining. 
Fiance with our duck friend

Impulsive: ...Pack a lunch?
The reason I suggest packing a lunch is simply because of the lack of options in Animal Kingdom.  This park is could fit Epcot, Magic Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios inside it.  For the impulsive, when hunger strikes, you might not be near a desirable quick service option.  Your best bet might be to pack your food.  Alternatively, none of the options there are bad options!

Saver vs. Spender
Whether you have a seemingly endless budget, or are pinching the pennies as much as possible, there is a quick service stop in Animal Kingdom that's just right for you!

  • Location: Dinoland, U.S.A.
  • Menu: Lunch/Dinner
  • Why: This quick service stop has good food a reasonable prices.  However, the best reason to come here is the backstory!  (Read about it here, and be sure to get a seat in the old Airstream trailer attached to the building.)

  • Location: Asia
  • Menu: Lunch/Dinner
  • Why: This restaurant has both a table service and quick service area, making it some of the most expensive quick service food, but also some of the best.  The seating for the quick service diners is all outside, and though this is a bit inconvenient during the rain, it makes for some beautiful views any other time.

Romantic vs. Impulsive
Even quick service stops can embody the feel of the Walt Disney World visit you want to have! 

  • Location: Africa
  • Menu: BreakfastLunch/Dinner
  • Why: Though there are limited food choices here, the view in the seating area here is gorgeous!  It's secluded from the park, and not extremely well know, so it's a great place to get away from the crowds and spend some time with the one you love!

  • Location: Discovery Island
  • Menu: BreakfastLunch/Dinner
  • Why: Though the food here is standard park fare, and is limited in choices much past the pizza, the restaurant has colorful and fun decorations that make it a great stop for those who want something familiar and be able to quickly move on to the next stop in Animal Kingdom!

There aren't many choices here (which will likely change as Animal Kingdom expands to include Avatarland), there is something there for...well...mostly everyone!  Where will you pick to eat?  What is your favorite spot?  Let me know in the comments!

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