Thursday, July 3, 2014

Quick Service Picks at Epcot

There's an abundance of quick service restaurants (Disney's version of "fast food") in Epcot, and many of the options are very appealing, with the World Showcase being flooded with eateries of all types.  During lunch especially, these restaurants can get really busy, and it can be hard to choose exactly where you want to eat.  Having some knowledge about these quick service restaurants before going to the park can help you pick the best quick service place for you to eat!

However, even if you don't pre-plan where to go, you can't go wrong with Disney food!

Planner vs. Impulsive
Though the planner and the impulsive individual might be happy with any choice, it's nice to have a clue what might be best suited for you before going to the parks!

  • Location: World Showcase, Germany Pavilion
  • Menu: Lunch/Dinner
  • Why: This is a great place for some really interesting cuisine, that goes great with a German beer.  This is a really good place for the planner for 2 reasons.
    • 1. It is good to have an idea of what type of food is served there and that all people in the party will like it before going there.
    • 2. It's close to the middle of World Showcase (there is a ferry boat that lands right in front of it while running), so it's good to plan to be there around lunch if that's what you want.

Planner Alternative: The fish and chips at the Yorkshire County Fish Shop is delicious!
Location: World Showcase, United Kingdom Pavilion
Menu: Fish and Chips...and the other things
Why: The fish and chips is great for a quick stop, just be sure that everyone in the group is happy with fish, because that is basically all that is served there.

  • Location: Future World West (in the Land pavilion)
  • Menu: Breakfast, Lunch/Dinner
  • Why: Sunshine Seasons serves multiple different types of food, which will suit any palate.  Everything there is very fresh and delicious, with variety ranging from sandwiches, asian, and even more homestyle food items.  This dining area also has plenty of room for many people, making it a great stop, even if it's busy and last minute.

Saver vs. Spender
Whether you have a seemingly endless budget, or are pinching the pennies as much as possible, there is a quick service stop in Epcot that's just right for you!


  • Location: World Showcase, French Pavilion
  • Menu: All Day Menu
  • Why: This restaurant has some delicious sandwiches, soups, and other dishes that, even when purchased alone, can be big enough for an entrĂ©e!
  • Note: Though most of World Showcase is closed before 11 AM, Les Halles is serving pastries and some sandwiches that are great for breakfast!
  • This is also a great place just for dessert!  You can find many delicious pastries here, none of which you can go wrong with!

  • Location: World Showcase, Mexico Pavilion
  • Menu: Lunch/Dinner
  • Why: This place makes delicious Mexican food, that any standard Mexican food lover would enjoy!  It also offers a great view of the World Showcase Lagoon.  This location tends to be for the "spender" because of the inevitable add ons...guacamole, churros, and margaritas!  But they are worth it, trust me!

Romantic vs. Fun
Even quick service stops can embody the feel of the Walt Disney World visit you want to have! 

  • Location: World Showcase, Norway Pavilion
  • Menu: Lunch/Dinner
  • Why: This little bakery is a crowd favorite because of the school bread.  However, the rustic and intricately detailed interior and exterior make for a perfect place for a couple to relax and have some tasty sandwiches!  Just be sure to grab dessert afterward...maybe split a piece of school bread and try some rice cream!

  • Location: World Showcase, Morocco Pavilion
  • Menu: Lunch/Dinner
  • Why: This quick-service stop is great for those who want to have a little bit more adventurous cuisine without having to stop their entire day to get it.  The options here are all delicious, and the seating area is gorgeously detailed and fun to be in.  Be sure to check out the gift shop next door as well as grab a piece of baklava!

There were some other quick service option left out...what do you YOU think of the places that weren't included?  Would you pick a different option for any category (snack only stops not included)?  Let me know in the comments!

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