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Dining in Animal Kingdom

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Here we are again!  We have arrived at the last park at Walt Disney World, Animal Kingdom!   But don't worry, we won't have to think about these dining options that long, as there are only three different restaurants to pick from here!

We'll start at the entrance, where you will find the Rainforest Cafe!
Ideal for: Those who want to have Fun
Price Range: $13-30/entree, or 1 table-service credit
Link to Menu: BreakfastLunch/Dinner

  • Those who have been to a Rainforest Cafe know that the atmosphere is fun and colorful, a great place to grab some food and have an entertaining, fun meal.
  • Pros:
    • Great theming, with perpetual nighttime atmosphere
    • Bar area for adults
  • Cons:
    • Does not allow outside food or drink in the restaurant
    • Pretty standard, uncreative food
  • Other notes:
    • Located outside of the park gate, so you don't need a park ticket to dine here.  Also, of the two Rainforest Cafes on Disney property (the other in Downtown Disney), this is the only one to serve breakfast.
    • Only some of the reservations are released onto the Disney website.  If you can't get a reservation online, many seats are available by calling 407-938-9100.

In the Africa Section, you can find Tusker House
Ideal for: The Planner
Price Range: $30-35, or 1 table-service credit
Link to Menu: BreakfastLunch/Dinner
  • Breakfast and lunch here are character meals, which means that reservations book up pretty fast.  Dinner, however, is the same price and is not a character meal.
  • Pros: 
    • The Dawa Bar offers a place to get a drink while waiting for your table
    • A variety of really great, African food choices as well as plenty of "unadventurous" options
  • Cons:
    • Character meal means that many kids could be there
    • Service can be a bit inconsistent here
  • Other Notes: The juice served at Tusker House (called Jungle Juice, though no alcohol is involved) is absolutely fantastic, and is pretty exclusive to this area of Animal Kingdom.

And lastly, in the Asia section, you can dine at Yak and Yeti Restaurant
Ideal for: The Saver
Price Range: $8-14, or 1 table-service credit
Link to Menu: Yak and Yeti
  • The food here is comparable in price to most quick service options.
  • Pros:
    • Fun "backstory" and theming around the restaurant
    • Great service is typical here, and the food is consistently good
  • Cons: There isn't much creativity to the menu, including simple Asian options as well as some American dishes
  • Other Notes: To view Mickey's Jammin' Jungle Parade, book a reservation around 2:30-3:00 and request a second floor seat by the windows!

Before booking a reservation at one of the restaurants in Animal Kingdom, be sure to consider how long you plan on staying in the park.  Because it closes so early in the evening (typically around 6:00), it's important to realize that you might have left, or be headed somewhere else before dinner.  If you are making a reservation in Animal Kingdom, it might be beneficial to make it for the breakfast or lunch slot.

Another thing to consider are the quick-service options, in particular the Flame Tree Barbecue.  This outdoor restaurant is known to have great food, and the seating offers a picturesque atmosphere!

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