Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013 (and Frozen!)

Hey readers!

While I'm still in the process of getting this blog up and running, I've been trying to post what I feel is crucial information rather quickly.

BUT since I haven't posted in a over a week, I felt like I wanted to give you some updates about MY life.  (Now: everyone pretend to care!)

Last week was Thanksgiving here in the States, so I had a few days off from college which I used to go home and visit my family and boyfriend.

My vacation began with mom and I decorating the Christmas tree (trying to get some of the decorating out of the way before Thanksgiving passed and we became too busy to really enjoy it).  I never really noticed before how many of our ornaments are Disney, but mom and I laughed about the way that she raised me to be the Disney lover that I am, consciously or not.
Look reallllly closely and you can see my bee Mickey ear ornament I got this past spring on my latest Disney trip.

Naturally, being the Disney lover that I am, I had to go see Frozen that day, since it was the day it came out!  It was so fantastic!!  If you haven't seen it yet, please go.  The animation was magical, the songs are super catchy, and it has the perfect mixture of romance, adventure, and comedy.  As most Disney movies are, it really is perfect for anyone.  Even boyfriend enjoyed it (proof to follow).
The sad little frozen tree outside my house...if only Elsa was around to fix it.

The best part though, was that because Frozen is set in Norway, I was able to convince boyfriend to agree to go to Akershus during our coming Disney vacation this spring (Disney spring break, second year in a row? No shame).  I used the excuse that dining with the princesses would mean not waiting in line for them later, and thus more time doing other things.  Did he buy it or did he just want to make me happy?  Debatable, but I'm not complaining!

Thanksgiving came and went, I spent lots of time with family, ate lots of food, and went shopping (did not spend lots of money, though, thanks to scouting Black Friday deals!)  It was a great, mostly relaxing time, just what I needed during a hectic semester at school.

Saturday marked the 100 days until our trip to Disney this spring, which meant I could officially start a countdown!  I personalized our magic bands, and changed our reservations in Epcot in celebration.

Then Sunday, I had to return to school (finals approach rapidly).  Boyfriend drove me back, and we listened to the songs from Frozen 4 times over the 4 hour car trip.  At least twice HE turned them on, not me.  And he sang along, allowing us to duet "Love is an Open Door."  I was just impressed he knew most of the words!
Meet my chauffeur! (aka boyfriend).  Isn't he cute?

At college, I work at one of the libraries, and helped develop the theme for the poster/book display/etc. for this semesters finals.  We decided on a "Winter Wonderland" theme.  It wasn't my idea, but when it was suggested, did I think of Frozen?
Yes, yes I did.
So paper snowflake making quickly ensued!
Not a bad start!  Again, I think we need Elsa around to really spruce the place up, but we'll make our own magic the best we can!

So as I work on final papers and studying for tests, I will continue to surround myself with all things Disney as I always so.
  • "Frozen" decor at work? Check.
  • Soundtrack (with instrumentals) to listen to while I study? Check.
  • Mini Mickey snowglobe under my baby tree on my desk? Check.
  • This blog as well as planning my own vacation to distract me every 10 minutes (because what are finals without a little procrastination??) Check!

To those like me with finals ahead, best of luck!
To everyone, good luck preparing for the holidays!

And to those who celebrated them:
Happy (late) Thanksgiving and Happy Hanukkah!

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