Sunday, May 4, 2014

101 Dalmatians Seeing Spots

If you're in college or pursuing some type of higher education, there is a good chance that you are about the enter the finals period of the spring semester.  *cringe*

Now, though I don't condone drinking and studying...sometimes a little spike to that evening coffee can help keep you relaxed enough to learn more information than if you're totally freaking out.


I don't know.

But if you decide you want to try (and you want to do it in a Disney themed way), try the 101 Dalmatians Seeing Spots!

This drink in pretty simple, you'll just need:
  • 1 1/2 oz. (1 shot) Bailey's Irish Cream
  • Milk (Whatever you have in the fridge.  I just used Almond milk because of the lactose issue.)
  • Coffee
  • 1 tbs. Cocoa Powder (optional, and also not pictured)
Mini ice cube tray!

To make your drink, you're going to want to start by brewing some coffee.  Add about 1 tablespoon cocoa powder, if you want.  I found that it darkened my coffee a bit (added to the 'spots' effect), and added some chocolatey flavor as the drink.  Once your coffee cools to room temperature, freeze the mixture in an ice cube tray.

Once the coffee is frozen, get a small glass and put the ice cubes in.  Pour the Bailey's over the ice cubes slowly to keep them from mixing too much.  You want to try and keep the colors (brown and white) separate, at least at first.  Then, pour in milk until the ice cubes are just covered.
And that's about all there is to it!  If you pour just the amount of milk in, the ice cubes will show through to the side of the class a little better, and look like dalmatians spots.  You can see the effect a little better in the main picture, from the top view.

Two things I want to apologize for:
  1. This drink/post should have totally been Star Wars themed.  May the Fourth be with you all!
  2. The lightening in these pictures is awful.  I also forgot to put the cocoa powder IN the picture.  Like I mentioned, it's finals. I've started to pack up (my normal lighting set-up is gone) and I was trying to hurry and make the drink so that I could get back to this:
    I don't want you sympathy, just your forgiveness. :)

Next cocktail will most likely be Little Mermaid themed, as requested.
...if you have any requests, feel free to comment below!

I finally caved.  I started a Young Adult Disney specific Pinterest page.
It has links for trip planning advice, ways to bring Disney into your life at home, funny posts from online, and more.

Until next time <3

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