Sunday, May 11, 2014

Choosing Your Value Resort

You know that during your vacation you won't be spending much time in your room, so why spend a lot of money on one?  You've come to the conclusion that a moderate resort is right for you, but which one should you chose?  I've got you covered.

The way I've organized these resorts doesn't really adhere to the "Saver vs. Spender, Romantic vs. Fun, and Planner vs. Impulsive" format, so instead, I'm going to highlight each resort.

First, for the Saver:

If you are really pinching pennies and need to stay at the least expensive resort possible, but still want to stay in Disney, then the cheapest option is one of the All Star Resorts (All Star Movies, All Star Sports, and All Star Music).
  • Average cost per night: $98 (for all three)
  • Located in Disney's Animal Kingdom resort area
  • Each resort has a food court
  • Bus transportation (often the shuttle stops at all three before going to the parks)
If you are going to stay at one of these resorts (unless you have a huge love of sports or music), I would recommend staying at the All Star Movies Resort.  This resort offers larger than life models of various Disney movies (Fantasia, 101 Dalmatians, Mighty Ducks, and Herbie).  It will provide the most "Disney" feel for your vacation.

However, if your budget can just be a little bit more flexible, I highly suggest the next option instead.

For the Planner, Impulsive, and Romantic:
I think that the Pop Century Resort is one of the best picks in the value category for just about everyone.  Though it is slightly more expensive than the All Star Resorts, I think that the pros for this resort make the extra cost worth it.
  • Average per night: $108
  • Located in the Wide World of Sports Area (closest to Hollywood Studios)
  • Food court
  • The thing that makes this the best pick: the buses stop only here before transporting to the parks.  There are no intermediate stops in either direction, you get picked up out front, dropped off out front, and that's it!  It's a time saver and less of a hassle than stopping at other resorts or internal shuttles, if you ask me.
If you can afford it, I also suggest upgrading to the Premium rooms.  For just a few dollars extra a night, you'll be places in a room closer to the front of the resort, where the shuttle buses leave you off.  After a few days of non-stop walking in the parks, your feet will thank you for having a short walk at the end of the night (I promise).

And lastly, for the Fun and Spenders:
The best pick for those that want to have a lot of fun and those willing to spend a little bit extra is the newest resort, the Art of Animation Resort.  The resort is beautifully designed with character replicas that are supposed to make you feel like you've become part of the movie yourself.
  • Average per night: $110
  • Located in the Wide World of Sports Area
  • Newly conceptualized food court with some really delicious quick service food
  • Really great artwork based on favorite Disney films inside and outside of the resort, including in the rooms.
  • The main pool, based on Finding Nemo, plays music that can only be heard underwater, the only resort pool to do such a thing.
  • Some things to know:
    • The room themes are Cars, Finding Nemo, Lion King, and Little Mermaid.  Little Mermaid is the only room that is a standard hotel room set up.  The other three are Family Suites (sleep a total of 6 people, most with one bed per room).
    • The Little Mermaid rooms are located the furthest from the main lobby, and often don't apply for discounts such as free dining.
    • Bonus Tip:  If you are looking to save money and are going to Disney with a group of 6 (meaning you can't fit in a standard hotel room), then the Family Suites might be cheaper than having to purchase 2 separate rooms, plus you can then save money by preparing food in the kitchenettes (fridge and microwave) included.

Which value resort would you chose for your vacation?  What planning tip would you like to learn about next?  Let me know in the comments!

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